Freelance Info

Erin Kennedy

I like to do professional grade design work for upcoming artists and business looking for a icon that will stand out. Feel free to contact me for more details - my info is above.

Currently my personal studio work deals with memory, time, and the dissonance of the fragments.

Animation and film are my major focus, but I am also a versitile artist that creates with other mediums;  illustration, painting, printmaking, photography, scuplture and music are just a few.

Collaboration is a big element of what I love to do. Some of the groups I have created work with are The Bone Collective and The Bohemian. Gallery exhibitions, small zine productions and giant garden murals are just a part of what we have made together.

In the future I want to work with musician's, performers, actors and animators to create new, vibrant, experimental installations and performances.